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    Space Division Products from Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment

    SSE has the space division solutions you are looking for. We represent the top manufacturers of operable partitions, interior movable glass walls, interior glass office fronts, and exterior folding glass walls. For over 15 years we have represented Modernfold exclusively in the state of Florida. 

    Southeastern Surfaces and Equipment helps our clients realize increased revenue potential, space management, sound control, and floor space efficiency. SSE can show you what space division product is best suited for your needs. 


    Modernfold Operable PartitionFor nearly a century, Modernfold has been adding efficiency to spaces in schools, board rooms, convention centers, and virtually anywhere that maximizing space flexibility and utilization is a necessity. Modernfold is known for marketing a wide range of space division solutions. Our movable glass walls, operable partitions, and accordion doors are used to help architects, interior designers, building owners, and so many others realize more efficient use of their space.

    Operable Partitions are one of the most versatile ways to transform the size of your room in a matter of moments. Control sound between areas, create more efficient use of space, and bump your commercial space revenue quickly and affordably. Operable Partitions are available in a variety of configurations:
    Single Panel Systems

    • Provides the greatest versatility.

    Paired Panel Systems

    • The smart, efficient solution for a variety of building applications

    Continuously Hinged Electric Wall Systems

    • Convenient automated electrically powered walls that open possibilities for any large space

    Designer Line

    • Match the personality and décor of any facility with Modernfold’s Designer Line

    Movable Glass Walls

    Modernfold movable glass wallsFor elegant design and finish options, Movable Glass Walls are an excellent option. SSE can show you how to incorporate the elegant confidence of glass in office, retail, and entertainment projects. Standard moveable frameless glass wall systems are available in both clear and frosted glass or choose from an array of options offered for custom specifications. Glass Wall Systems provide natural daylighting to your design plan. For those looking to create a unique and contemporary look, our frameless glass is a clear choice. Moveable Glass Wall Systems include:
    Horizontal Rail Systems

    • An excellent solution for complicated layout challenges, Horizontal Rail Systems feature clean lines and simplified setup and storage.

    Folding Sliding Systems

    • When designs require a straight-line system configuration, Folding Sliding Systems provide openness with transparency.

    Acousti-Clear Glass Wall

    • The best of both worlds, it blends high acoustics, aesthetics, and daylighting.

    Accordion Doors

    A pleasing appearance, quick sight & sound division, and simple pull-and-latch operation make Modernfold’s Accordion Doors a preferred choice for a number of different applications. Accordion Doors deliver moderate sound control and excellent functionality. Curved track configurations allow the partition to move around corners for even greater design flexibility and storage. One of our SSE team members will be happy to show you the available options for your application.


    large open space being divided by an equipment dividerThe best service solution for all brands of space division products.
    Our years in the business assures you of unparalleled expertise and quality service, no matter what brand you have.

    • Repair any operable or accordion partition
    • Preventative maintenance packages and Service Contracts
    • Maintain suspension systems
    • Recover or replace finishes
    • Renovate or retrofit

    When you are setting up for an event, operational problems with your partitions can spell disaster. If your airwall will not travel on the track or seals will not function, you have a major problem. SSE has created a way to help you keep your system operating so you can fully utilize your space. Our network of skilled technicians is trained to expertly service movable walls and accordion doors. SSE has the experience to solve your problem and get you up and running in no time.

    SSE can also help you avoid unpleasant surprises by scheduling annual checkups, replacing damaged panels and worn-out parts, and training your staff in the proper care and operation of your partitions. Preventative maintenance will keep your movable walls and accordion doors in top working order and looking their best.

    Trained technicians are skilled in retrofitting movable space division products, regardless of manufacturer. This includes relocating or adding panels to an existing partition installing a new pass-door, changing stacking locations, and replacing drop seals. They can also update your installation or adapt any existing system to new operating requirements.



    SSE is a licensed, insured and fully bondable FL WBE covering the Southeastern US.
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