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Beautifying Your Facility’s Wood Floors: Sanding, Refinishing and Beyond

The advantages of professional drum sanding on hardwood floors

When you’re looking to refinish hardwood floors in your facility, you’re wise to leave the project to the professionals. Many of us know someone who has attempted to sand or refinish their own hardwood floors, and it’s likely, too, that large facilities with impressive square footage could be included in that unfortunate number. Why do we say, “unfortunate”? We say it because all too often, the results of drum sanding, when amateurs are behind the handle, are far from perfect.

While drum-sanding is a common way to refinish wood floors, without the right technique drum-sanding can become a process that leaves floors with waves and marks that can be difficult to remove.

Often, rental floor sander machines can be bulky and difficult to handle for those unexperienced in using them. Most equipment includes sanding, edging, and buffing features, not unlike the professional equipment used by Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment (SSE). But hiring a professional to refinish your facility’s hardwood floors saves you time, and most importantly, the potential headache of uneven, unsightly floors. To achieve a smoother, more even, and better quality finish, leave it to us!

Of course, one of the most important elements that dictate the results of professional drum sanding is the quality of the wood itself. To that end, SSE partners with Action Floor systems of Wisconsin, whose premium solid hardwood maple floors are known worldwide for performance and durability. If you’re in the market for a new flooring surface, give us a call to learn more about your options through SSE.

Beyond the basics

Some of the most visually stunning work conducted by the professionals at Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment is the court-centered logos and colorful graphics that serve as the centerpieces for many facility flooring projects. Logos, graphics and color blocking are available on most of the wood, vinyl, and PVC/rubber flooring products SSE installs and services.

While many projects call for stenciled logos, Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment also works with artists who create spectacular, colorful work beyond the limitations of the stencil process. Most recently, the SSE team brought to life a Florida university’s dream for a full-court design: A beach scene that stretched to all four corners of the competition court. The result was proof of the creative vision and resources available through SSE – a full-service sports equipment and flooring company.

Florida International University’s new basketball court

While Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment is an expert source for floor logos and floor designs, our design resources far exceed the norm. SSE recently conducted a phenomenal basketball court makeover at the home of the Golden Panthers: Florida International University in Miami. After months of plan-writing and schematic-drawing, we can now unveil one of the most impressive court-flooring designs the state has ever seen.

The first step of the process was drum-sanding the well-worn hardwood flooring of the Panthers’ Recreation Center. Once the floor was stripped of its polyurethane coats and refinished, it was time to realize its full-court theme.

The school’s basketball court refinishing project included a custom hand-painted design, which was brought to life by SSE’s Project Team. SSE’s work encapsulated the Golden Panthers’ vision, as its basketball program prepares its move from the Sunbelt Conference to Conference USA in late 2013.

While the new design comes with standard college-basketball court markings and a center logo, SSE’s hand-painted art fills the court from corner to corner. Its full beach design is topped with an approaching wave, and marked with palm tree fronds that envelope its two lower corners.

If you’re in the market for a custom floor design, stenciled graphics may be your perfect solution. But, there’s no need to limit yourself! The team of experts at SSE has resources beyond that process, too – resources that may bring your vision to life, and beyond your dreams.

Call us today to learn more about the custom-designed floor artwork available with Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment.

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