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Don’t Sweat it: Maintaining Gym Equipment is Simple, But Important!

At Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment (SSE), we want you to have the safest and most efficient gym around, and we’ll help you get there. Our technicians are factory-certified Performance Sports Systems “ORANGE ZONE”-certified mechanics.

With all new installations, we offer a level-one, factory-required inspection. It’s a quick overview of the athletic equipment we install, and we perform this inspection at no cost to the client. During the inspection, we take care to check the overall condition of the equipment as it is used, while also checking the machines’ safety controls.

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Subsequent to a level-one inspection, our SSE team offers either an annual or multi-year service agreement to our clients. Often, schools are trying to do more and more with smaller staff; they don’t have the time or experience required to maintain their gymnasium equipment. That’s where we can help. SSE recommends, at minimum, that our clients engage in an annual review of equipment, during which time we service the equipment with cleaning and lubrication, and if need be, order parts and make repairs. Annual service and maintenance is vital to the longevity, safety and efficient operation of gym equipment; it’s an ideal way to protect your investment!

Wondering what you can do to keep your gym equipment running smoothly between visits by a gym professional/mechanic? Here’s a list of suggestions from our experts:

  • Keep an eye out for cuts or tears in any vinyl or mesh products. If detected early, small cuts or tears in your wall safety pads or gym divider curtain can be patched. If left undetected, these small defects can become major requiring either complete re-cover or even replacement.
  • Listen and watch as your equipment is operated! Is the winch making an unusual noise? Do the backstops or gym-divider curtains raise higher than usual? Is the operation of the equipment “jumpy” or not smooth? Often, early detection of a problem can be easily corrected with additional lubrication or adjustment. Left to worsen, these minor problems can become major ones.
  • Tighten any loose screws or bolts as soon as you’re aware of them. Keep screwdrivers and wrenches handy for quick corrections.
  • Inspect often for any obviously broken or malfunctioning components. If it’s broken, get it inspected ASAP and make sure patrons are not using it in the meantime.
  • Watch your cables! If your cables become frayed or loose or tangled, call a service technician immediately.
  • Keep the owners’ manuals for the equipment handy, too.  These guides are essential in providing you with a better understanding of your products and what to expect for their functioning.
  • Keep a maintenance log. Write down any repairs that you’ve made to the equipment, as well as any issues that are forming. This will be a handy reference for when your Gym Professional/Mechanic makes a visit to your gym, too.
  • As with any specialty equipment, if you’re not sure or you need a thorough inspection, call the professionals!  Often, getting the expert insight from the get-go is the best solution for gym equipment maintenance.

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