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    How to choose a flooring company

    Apopka Boys and Girls Club Reading Center get's new finishes sponsored by the Orlando Magic.

    Apopka Boys and Girls Club Reading Center gets new finishes, sponsored by the Orlando Magic.

    You know by now that Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment does a lot more than install flooring, but flooring continues to be one of our most popular product lines. When installing wood, rubber, or PVC flooring, projects that necessitate quality products and a professional team, we want to help you be certain you’re taking the steps to maximum the value for your investment.

    Perhaps you’re on the fence about choosing a flooring company, so how do you choose the best one for your needs? We at Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment have been in this business for years, and we know there are several things customers are looking for when it comes to flooring installation. From quality, price, reputation and customer service, to terms and conditions that cover the transaction and the support team, there are several factors that play into what really makes a flooring company the best choice.

    First, let’s talk about quality and price; we know both to be huge factors in choosing a flooring installer and servicer. While choosing a flooring company is an important economic decision in the short term, it’s also important decision with regard to the lifetime of the facility in which it’s being installed. Research the quality of the materials the company sells and installs. Ask your representative for references to whom you can ask, “What’s the quality of installations this company has performed?”  Remember that a poorly installed floor, while it might appear like a well-done undertaking initially, can become a long-term cost issue.

    Find out from the company if they invest in the latest tools and equipment. And, what do they do to guarantee product standards? For example, Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment buys products in bulk and warehouses them, thereby buying products directly from the manufacturer and becoming a distributor. By being a distributor, Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment ensures product quality, and in turn, saves cost for the end-user.

    Next, research the reputation and customer service of the company you’re considering hiring. Refer back to those references, and ask questions about the details of the company’s service. How efficiently did the team work, and were the products installed properly? How did the company handle concerns or complaints? Consider looking for reviews about the company online, too. Can you find positive reviews, or are you seeing negative ones?

    Understand the terms and conditions that cover the transaction you are about to embark upon.  Before you sign, understand the product warranties, the contract terms, and verify that the product you receive is the product that you expected.

    Another important aspect of hiring a flooring company is the team behind it, including sales and installation. Do you have a sales person specifically assigned to your account who is readily and openly answering your questions? Are the company installers certified and professionally trained?

    Another tip: Make sure the installers are employees and not subcontractors. Of course, to protect you and your company, make sure the flooring company is insured and bonded, too. If they are, they often provide quality guarantees and extended service.

    These are just a few things to keep in mind as you research a flooring company. We hope you’ll include Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment in your options, of course, but no matter who you choose, remember that the company you call upon should be ready and willing to answer your questions. That way, you’ll have a better chance at getting the most from your investment today and for years to come.