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Extend the life of your Mondo rubber flooring

Franklin County Schools Multi-Purpose Building. Installation by Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment.

New Mondo rubber gymnasium floors are almost as exciting as the games that are played on them. They’re beautiful, extremely durable and oh-so -clean. These floors can carry heavy loads without damage, and spring back to life with a deep cleaning. On top of that, Mondo rubber flooring is antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-slip, sustainable, and noise reducing. And, it comes in lots of beautiful colors to boot!With all of these great features, it’s no surprise you want to keep your Mondo rubber flooring looking its best. But how? Here are some tips to follow to ensure your new flooring lasts its lifetime.

Supervise the activity on your new floors and enforce the rules. It happens all too often that our experts that Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment visit a property that has tough, durable Mondo rubber flooring, only to find the floor hasn’t been maintained or cared for well – particularly during those times it’s been in someone else’s use. Permanent marker stains, improper cleaning materials and tape, for example, can cause lasting damage. We recommend that owners ensure that anyone responsible for the use of their facility understand what is and is not allowed there, including on the floor. Even the most innocent misuse can cause permanent harm.

Look ahead to prepare for decades of wear.  Did you know that Mondo rubber flooring has a typical life expectancy of 20 years? In fact, as the floors age they start to look even better as oils work their way up to the surface, giving these durable floors a beautiful sheen. Twenty years is an impressive lifespan for a product, and that’s all the more reason to have a plan in place for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning and maintenance. Make a plan at the beginning, and your team will have an easier time keeping your Mondo floor looking it’s best.

Avoid harsh cleaning agents. Daily maintenance such as vacuuming and sweeping your rubber flooring will protect your gameline markings from abrasion due to sand, dust and dirt, but a more thorough cleaning should be accomplished as required with a solution of mild PH cleaner used in an automatic scrubbing machine.  Mondo’s maintenance instructions will give you recommendations for brands of cleaners and scrubbing pads!  Cleaning is quick and easy!  The key to Mondo rubber flooring maintenance is to pre-treat stubborn dirt stains with the recommended cleaner and a plastic brush AND allow the cleaner to work for a full 10 minutes all over the floor before removing it with clean water.  But beware: Heavy abrasives or harsh cleaning agents can damage even the most durable rubber flooring. Overall, experts agree that you should avoid acidic or acetone-based cleaning solutions on rubber floors. They can damage them, as can colored scouring pads or abrasive scrubbers like steel wool. Those are big no-no’s!

Consider a rubber-floor conditioner. After years of use, your rubber flooring may need some conditioning to restore its luster and shine. Consult your installer or give us a call here at Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment to learn what the best conditioners are for your Mondo flooring.

You’ve made and excellent choice by selecting Mondo rubber flooring for your facility, and with a little focus on keeping it clean and maintained, you’ll enjoy decades of use. It’s sure to be time well spent.

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  1. Timothy says:

    Good morning! my name is Tim. I work in a recreation center. I recently started here as a supervisor. I know I have asked my director what solutions I could use to clean our gymnasium floor that is mondo. All I was told was warm water that’s it. And I have noticed lots of scuff marks n our floor is starting to look dirty. I appreciate it if someone can advice me how to clean and maintain our new floor. Thank you!


    Timothy Draper, Recreation Lead Person
    Harold Runnels Athletic Complex
    Gallup, NM 87301