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    Operable Partitions: Modernfold Continues as Innovative Leader with Acousti-Seal® Encore™

    Many businesses, churches, schools and hospitality venues across America have found that operable partitions are incredibly flexible solutions to making the most of interior spaces. For some, it means creating quiet spaces in the midst of chaos. For others, it means creating a space that, in turn, can earn more revenue for the enterprise.

    There’s been an impressive development in the world of operable partitions, and Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment wants to be the first to tell you about it.

    You may well know that operable partitions make for fast and easy room dividers. A longtime favorite of businesses that are expanding or are in need varied spaces and more places, versatile operable partitions are quality solutions that can solve a multitude of space division needs.

    Over the years, one of the challenges for operable partitions manufacturers like Modernfold™ is effectively stopping or significantly muffling sounds that travels through them. Modernfold’s new Acousti-Seal® Encore™ operable partitions have an impressive acoustical performance, known as level 56 STC. In short, no comparable product in the marketplace today equals this product’s sound resistance. Plus, with automatic operation features, and a foolproof sound seal, these systems are as versatile as the spaces they divide. Modernfold’s Acousti-Seal® Encore™ panels also are available in fabric, vinyl, carpet, primed steel and custom finishes.

    Modernfold™ offers many space-division options, and Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment delivers all of them. Included in the product line are glass wall systems, accordion doors, and accessories for the products, such as pass-through doors, pocket doors, and customized hardware and trims. Now with Modernfold’s STC 56 industry-leading rating, the most effective resistance to sound transmission in North America is available to you, your business, or your organization through Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment.

    Please contact us at 1-800-644-8875 for information or to arrange an appointment. Our expert team can arrange a presentation, group meeting, or lunch and learn focusing on your upcoming project or specific products, including those by Modernfold™. With the possibility of installing operable walls and movable partitions, you may find that a little creativity is all you need to make better use of your space.