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    Space Divisions: Create Unique Spaces Affordably with Operable and Moveable Partition Walls

    Modernfold Encore - September 2012 installation by Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment

    These Modernfold Encore partitions were installed by our team in September 2012.

    Operable and movable partition walls are cost-effective ways to optimally utilize spaces within schools, community centers, churches and more. Choosing the right partitions and movable walls for your space is as important as thoroughly maintaining them over the usable life of the product, too. The service professionals at Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment have the expertise to both install your best solution and maintain it for life.Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment is an official Modernfold distributor partner for operable/moveable walls; we are proud to contract with this industry-leading company that’s known for high-quality, custom wall solutions.

    What are the different kinds of operable/moveable partition walls available? Movable walls  can include acoustical operable partitions,  accordion partitions, sight dividers, and movable glass walls. Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment can install and maintain all of them in order to ensure products’ longest life. Our general preventative maintenance program for operable/moveable partition walls include many elements, all of which are performed by our factory-certified mechanics, such as:

    • Inspecting and adjusting internal panel cables and other mechanisms;
    • Lubricating drive and return sprockets;
    • Leveling and adjusting panels;
    • Inspecting, cleaning, leveling and lubricating track and carriers;
    • Inspecting and correcting accessories to ensure proper function/operation;
    • Tightening of all attachment points, kick plates and hinges;
    • Checking for proper voltage and reporting electrical issues to owner; and
    • Demonstrating proper operation after maintenance.

    How customizable are partition walls? Operable/moveable partition walls can customized in terms to accommodate flexible stack configurations, designer finish options, and vision requirements.  There are a wide variety of finish options available – ranging from traditional vinyl, carpet or fabric, to high end veneers, laminates, glass, and metals.  You can also customize the partitions to be a combination of solid and glass panels, depending on your sight and acoustic requirements.  Moveable partition walls can be meticulously fully customized to aesthetically blend with their surroundings (or alternatively, have their own stand-out design elements).

    Whether you need to create quiet spaces within larger ones, or to add acoustic elements to an existing space, the variety of movable wall partitions available can fit nearly every unique need.

    Wondering about the unique benefits of each kind of operable/moveable partition walls? We have a ton of great information about operable partitions, accordion doors, and moveable glass walls on our website for you. Check it out!

    Need to know more? We welcome your call to learn more about operable/moveable partitions and space division options available through Southeastern Surface & Equipment. Call us today at (800) 644-8875.